whirligig: find rotation series


whirligig [options]
whirligig --help


whirligig takes a stream containing indexing results (e.g. from a previous run of indexamajig) and searches for runs of crystals in adjacent frames which have similar orientations and unit cell parameters. For each series found, a log file will be output with a filename in the form series-XX.log, where XX is a number starting from zero, which contains the filenames, event IDs and crystal numbers for the frames concerned.

The program takes into account that the frames may not appear in the stream in chronological order (due, for example, to the use of indexamajig -j), and also that there may be multiple crystals per frame.


Put the output log files in foldername, instead of the working directory. The folder must exist before running whirligig.
Set the size of the history buffer to n. The further apart adjacent frames can be in the input stream, for example the higher a number of parallel processes were used during indexing (see indexamajig -j), the larger the history buffer needs to be. whirligig will print a warning if it seems the window is too small. Increasing the window size increases the amount of computation and memory required. The default is --window-size=16.


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