Maintained installations at facilities

This page aims to be an up-to-date directory of how to get access to CrystFEL where it is installed at facilities. Many of these installations are manintained by the facility staff rather than the CrystFEL authors. Please get in touch if you have updates to any of the information here.

SLAC/LCLS (Scientific Data Facility)

An installation of CrystFEL is available, maintained by us, on the Shared Scientific Data Facility (SDF). This version is updated automatically every night to the latest Git 'master' version. To set up your environment, simply do the following:

$ export PATH=/sdf/group/psdm/sw1/cfel/crystfel/devel/bin:$PATH

Note that the SDF system is still in a test phase, and the location of the CrystFEL installation may change.

SLAC/LCLS (LCLS psana system)

CrystFEL versions up to 0.9.1 are available on the "old" psana system. Set up your environment using this command:

$ source /reg/g/cfel/crystfel/crystfel-0.9.1/setup-sh

The version number (0.9.1) can be replaced with other versions, or with "dev" to get the development version. If you use the development version, read /reg/g/cfel/crystfel/crystfel-dev/ChangeLog every now and again to see what's changed. However, note that the development version has not been updated since June 2020 (before the release of version 0.9.1), due to some important missing libraries.

CrystFEL 0.10.0 (and later) are not currently available on the psana system, for the same reason. Use the SDF (see above) for more recent versions.

DESY and European XFEL (Maxwell HPC system)

Installations of the most recent few CrystFEL versions are maintained by DESY IT under /software/crystfel. To get access, load the "maxwell" module and then "crystfel/<version>". For example:

$ module load maxwell crystfel/0.9.1

A development version is available as crystfel/0-devel:

$ module load maxwell crystfel/0-devel

These versions include Xgandalf, Pinkindexer, DirAx, MOSFLM and XDS (note that XDS is licensed for academic and non-commercial use only). They use HDF5 1.10 and should therefore be compatible with European XFEL virtual dataset (VDS) files.

Simply running "module load maxwell crystfel" will give you the latest stable version, but watch out: an older version is provided by DESY IT under /opt/crystfel. You will get this version if you run "module load crystfel" without previously loading the "maxwell" module. This version uses HDF5 1.8, which does not support virtual data set (VDS) files. Mosflm, Xgandalf, asdf, TakeTwo and PinkIndexer are included for indexing, but not DirAx nor XDS.

An additional development version is also maintained by us. This includes Mosflm, Xgandalf, asdf, TakeTwo and Pinkindexer, but not DirAx, XDS nor Felix. This version uses HDF5 1.10 and is updated to the latest Git version every night:

$ export PATH=/gpfs/cfel/group/cxi/common/public/development/crystfel/bin:$PATH

Diamond Light Source

CrystFEL is available via modules. To get the latest version, simply run:

$ module load crystfel

Older versions are available as well:

$ module avail crystfel
crystfel/0.10.0(default) crystfel/0.7.0           crystfel/0.9.0
crystfel/0.6.3           crystfel/0.8.0           crystfel/0.9.1

These installations include XGandalf and cbf2hdf5.

SACLA HPC system

CrystFEL is provided as part of the SACLA SFX data analysis environment maintained by Takanori Nakane:

$ source ~sacla_sfx_app/

SBGrid Consortium laboratories

CrystFEL is installed and supported at SBGrid Consortium laboratories.

Paul Scherrer Institut (SwissFEL, SLS)

CrystFEL is included in the MX software environment. To get access:

$ source /etc/scripts/

There are also modules available for individual CrystFEL versions, for example:

$ module load crystfel/0.9.1
$ module load crystfel/0.9.1-pink