make_pixelmap: create pixelmap from CrystFEL geometry file


make_pixelmap [options] input.geom
make_pixelmap --help


make_pixelmap takes a CrystFEL geometry file as input, and produces an HDF5 "pixel map" as used by Cheetah and OnDA. The HDF5 file will contain three arrays, "/x", "/y" and "/z", containing the x, y and z coordinates for each pixel, respectively, in metres, in real space. The file will also contain "/res" and "/coffset", containing the resolution of the detector (one over the pixel size in metres) and the default coffset value for the detector (or that for the first panel, if there is no default value set).

make_pixelmap currently assumes that the file layout is "slabby", i.e. all of the image data appears in one "slab", with the fs and ss coordinates of each pixel being unique across the entire detector.

With --badmap, make_pixelmap will instead write a map of bad pixels according to the bad regions specified in the geometry file.


Create a bad pixel mask instead of a pixel geometry map. The values to use for good and bad pixels in this map are given by --good-pixel and --bad-pixel respectively. Note that CrystFEL also has other ways of specifying bad regions, e.g. by providing a separate mask. This program is only concerned with the regions specified using "bad_" in the geometry file.
Specify the values to use in the mask for good and bad pixels, respectively. The defaults are --good-pixel=1 and --bad-pixel=0.
-o output.h5
Set the output filename. The default is --output=pixelmap.h5.


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