Neumayer Station III


Neumayer Station III

The German research station Neumayer III installed and operated since 2009 by the Alfred-Wegener-Institut is located at the Antarctic ice shelf. The main research fields are geophysics, meteorology and air chemistry.

Since the Earth's magnetosphere guides charged low energy particles to the poles, these areas are characterised by spectacular polar lights in the atmosphere and an increased particle rate at ground level. In 2012 a muon counter experiment and a mini neutron monitor, identical to those on the Polarstern, have been installed at Neumayer III to measure the rates of cosmic particles.

The low-energy component of cosmic rays comes mainly from the sun and can be easily measured with a neutron monitor. Therefore it is interesting to search for a correlation of solar events and particle rate in both experiments. The variation of cosmic particle activity during the 11 year solar cycle can also be observed.


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