Tuesday July 5, 2010, 14h00-18h15, Auditorium
EVO and live broadcast will be provided (see below)

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HERA Symposium 2011

1911-2011: From Rutherford to HERA
Recent Results and Perspectives in HERA Physics

Robin Devenish

100 years of DIS: from Rutherford to HERA
Rolf Heuer

Experimental facilities from HERA to LHC and beyond
Cristinel Diaconu

H1 Recent Results
Aharon Levy

ZEUS Recent Results
Klaus Rith

HERMES Recent Results
Guido Altarelli

Overview of DIS Physics

(preliminary agenda)
EVO Connection:
Title:		HERA Symposium 2011
Description: Recent Results from HERA Experiments for summer 2011
Community: DESY

Live Broadcast: http://webcast.desy.de/webcast_archiv.htm.en