Frequently asked questions concerning your application

Listed below, you will find the answers to the questions which the applicants most frequently ask. In case you have more questions, our recruiting colleagues will gladly answer them.

Questions about the job advertisement

1. Is it useful to send an unsolicited application?

The positions at DESY are mostly associated with specific requirements; therefore, an unsolicited application is not useful. This is why we generally do not accept unsolicited applications. Please apply to our current job openings by indicating the corresponding code number.

2. Which kind of application is preferred and who is the right contact person?

You may apply at our application portal by using the online application. You can find the contact data of the individual contact person in the job postings.

3. What should my application include?

A complete application should include a cover letter, a CV and copies of all relevant certificates, qualifications, further training attestations, letters of reference if required, etc. in PDF format.

4. Can I make my application in English language?

Applications in English are generally welcome. Indeed, many scientific jobs are posted in English.

5. Can I make applications for more than one job offer?

You are welcome to apply for different jobs. Please send one individual application for each position and make sure that in each case you indicate the corresponding code number of the job opening.

6. Are there application deadlines?

All job offers published in the internet are currently available. In case there are application deadlines for certain positions, these are specified in the corresponding job offer on the homepage. If you cannot find an application deadline in the job offer you are interested in, you should send us your application immediately.

7. Which are the steps of the job application procedure?

After we received your application, we will confirm receipt by email at short notice. Depending on the position, the application process will take more or less time, so please be patient and wait until you hear from us. After we looked through all applications received, you will either get an invitation for a personal interview or a written cancellation.

General questions

1. Where can I get to know DESY?

Come and visit us at one of the numerous events where DESY is presented as an employer and where you get answers to your questions about a career start at the research centre. You will find the current dates on the News Website.
Link: Events
Link: Lecture Series

2. Which is the best way to reach DESY by car or by public transport?

You will find more information here:
How to reach DESY in Hamburg
How to reach DESY in Zeuthen

3. Where do I have to check in when I have an appointment for an interview and where can I park my car?

As a visitor you must check in at the main entrance (Notkestraße). You will get a visitor’s badge which you have to return when you leave the campus. With a visitor’s badge, you are welcome to access the campus and park your car on the designated parking areas.

4. How much time does it take when I check in at the main entrance?

It will take about 5 minutes to get a visitor’s badge. Since the DESY campus area is very large, you should allow for another 15 to 20 minutes to reach the corresponding building.

5. How do I find the building where my interview will take place?

We will send you a ground plan and include the building and office number of the meeting point. In case you forgot to take the ground plan with you, the gatekeeper will give you another one where you can find all buildings of the research centre with the corresponding building numbers.
Ground plan Hamburg
Ground plan Zeuthen

6. Do I get compensation for travel expenses?

Applicants who were invited for a job interview get comprehensive information on compensation for travel expenses, on the basis of the German travel expenses act (BRKG).
Travel expenses application form for interviews
Information sheet of travel expenses for interviews