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15:30 Hamburg
Gebäude 2a, SR 2
hochschulöffentliche Disputation
Interference effects in new physics processes at the LHC
Elina Fuchs (DESY)
16:00 -18:30 Hamburg
Foyer DESY auditorium building 5

DESY Campus Social Hour
15:00 -16:00 Hamburg
building 2a, SR 2
Special Theory Seminar
Supersymmetric KKLT and the Nilpotent Goldstino in Cosmology
Renata Kallosh (Stanford University)
16:45 Hamburg
DESY auditorium, bldg. 5
DESY Physics Seminar
Gamma-ray searches for WIMP Dark Matter with the Fermi LAT: A Rhapsody in Blue
Christoph Weniger (Amsterdam Univ.)
11:00 Hamburg
Gebäude 3, Seminarraum BAH 1
hochschulöffentliche Disputation
Development of Silicon Detectors for the High-Luminosity LHC
Thomas Eichhorn
14:30 -15:30 Hamburg
Building 2a, Seminar Room 2
hochschulöffentliche Disputation
Stability of Extra Dimensions in the Inflating Early Universe
Clemens Wieck
15:00 Zeuthen
SR 3
Physik Kolloquium
Gamma-ray Searches for WIMP Dark Matter with the Fermi LATa Rhapsody in Blue
Christoph Weniger (GRAPPA, University of Amsterdam)
15:00 Hamburg
Bldg. 03, Room 107
X-ray Physics and Nanoscience: Time Resolved SXRD
Roman Shayduk (DESY Nanolab)
10:00 Hamburg
Building 99, Seminar Room I+II (EG)
CFEL Science Seminar
Shapes and sizes of aromatic hydrocarbons in space
Annemieke Petrignani (Leiden University, The Netherlands)
14:00 -20:00 Hamburg
DESY Auditorium, building 5
Festkolloquium Wilfried Buchmüller
14:00 Hamburg
CFEL, Bldg. 99, Seminar Rooms I, II, III
MPSD Seminar
Photon-Matter interactions I: Introduction to linear optics
Roberto Merlin (Department of Physics, University of Michigan)
08.50 -15:30 Hamburg
SR 4a/b
Festkolloquium Wilfried Buchmüller
(topical workshops)
14:00 Hamburg
CFEL building 99, SR I-III
Hamburg Photon Science Colloquium
Nonlinear Processes in Atomic one- and two-color Photoionization
Michael Meyer (European XFEL, Hamburg)


FEMTO 12 - The Hamburg Conference of Femtochemistry
( Registration & Reception)