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16.30 -17.30 Hamburg
SR 2, Geb. 2a
DESY Theory Seminar
Axion Cosmology: from strings to dwarf galaxies
David J E Marsh (Kings College London)
10:00 Zeuthen
SR 3
Technisches Seminar
A closer look on our open source work environment. Trends and challenges
St. Wiesand (DESY)
16:45 Hamburg
DESY Auditorium, building 5
Top and its mass
Peter Marquard (DESY)
14:30 Hamburg
Geb. 2a, SR 2
Theory Colloquium
Higgs vacuum stability and cosmological consequences
Bernd Kniehl (Universität Hamburg)
17:00 Hamburg
Bistro, Gebäude 9 a
Science Café - öffentliche Veranstaltung - Eintritt frei
Eiszeit – Materie am absoluten Nullpunkt
Prof. Henning Moritz
10:30 Zeuthen
SR 3
Theorie Seminar
Antenna Subtraction and NNLO cross sections for processes with jets
Nigel Glover (IPPP Durham)
14:00 -16:00 Hamburg
SR 4a, building 1b
New Particle Physics Facilities
CANCELLED - will be postponed: FACET II
Dr. Mark Hogan (SLAC)
14:00 -16:00 Hamburg
Sem R 4a, building 1b
New Particle Physics Facilities Seminar Series 2016
NEW: Ultrahigh Brightness Facility Upgrades based on Plasma Photocath
Bernhard Hidding (University of Strathclyde / The Cockcroft Institute / University of Hamburg)
14:00 Hamburg
CFEL-bldg. 99, seminar room IV (O1.111)
CFEL UX Seminar
A decade of research with Cr:Colquiriite Lasers: a summary of results
Ümit Demirbaș (Antalya International University)
14:15 Hamburg
SR 2, Bld.2a
String Theory Seminar
Supersymmetric D-brane field theories on curved backgrounds
Hagen Triendl (CERN)
14:30 Hamburg
Sr 1b, Gebäude 1
KITE - Konstrukteure, Ingenieure, Techniker, Entwickler
ATLAS Upgrade - ein neuer Silizium-Streifendetektor
Ingrid-Maria Gregor (DESY)
16:00 Zeuthen
SR 3
Physik Kolloquium
The top quark and its mass | Attention, change of date & beginning!
Peter Marquard (DESY)
10:00 Zeuthen
SR 1
Astroparticle Seminar
ARIANNA: Radio detection of neutrinos on the Ross ice-shelf
Anna Nelles (University of California Irvine)
14:00 Hamburg
SR I-III, CFEL, building 99
Hamburg Photon Science Colloquium
Designing New Materials for Solar Energy Conversion
Frank Himpsel (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
15:00 Hamburg
SR 4 Building 1b
A Joint Instrumentation Seminar of the Particle Physics and Photon Science communities at DESY, Hamburg University and XFEL
Giovanni De Lellis