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16:00 Zeuthen
HU Berlin | Raum 1'202
Lattice seminar
Three topics with twisted boundary conditions
Alberto Ramos (CERN)
16:00 Hamburg
ZOQ Seminarraum, Gebäude 90
hochschulöffentliche Disputation
Helically confined Charged Particles: Dynamics and Vibrational Band Structure
Frau Alexandra Zampetaki
16:45 Hamburg
Auditorium, building 5
Comparative Quantum Gravity
Hermann Nicolai (Potsdam)
15:00 Zeuthen
SR 3
Physik Seminar
Comparative Quantum Gravity
Hermann Nicolai (Potsdam)
09:30 -11:30 Hamburg

Information for all DESY employees on results of salary negotiations on the pay scale at DESY
(will be broadcast to Zeuthen SR1)
16:00 Zeuthen
HU Berlin | Raum 1'421
Theorie Seminar
Pushing the precision frontier in Collider Physics
Gudrun Heinrich (MPP, Munich)
18:00 Hamburg
DESY Auditorium, building 5
BRIDFAS of Hamburg lecture
The Phoenix at the Fall of Empire: Three Empresses of China and the Fate of the Imperial Art Collection
Anne Haworth (guests are welcome)
10:00 Zeuthen
SR 1
Astroteilchen Seminar
Electron spectrum with MAGIC
Kathrin Mallot (DESY)
10:00 Hamburg
Bibliothek, Hamburger Sternwarte, Gojenbergsweg 112, 21029 Hamburg
hochschulöffentliche Disputation
Formation and Evolution of Magnetised and Turbulent Molecular Clouds Varying Initial Conditions and the Role of Stellar Feedback
Bastian Körtgen
11:00 Hamburg
CFEL, Raum 01.111 (Seminarraum 4)
hochschulöffentliche Disputation
Aufklärung von Struktur und Dynamiken von Übergangsmetallsystemen durch neue Anwendungen der Raman Spektroskopie
Arne Goos