Examples of research using CrystFEL

This page contains references to research for which CrystFEL was used. If you've published a paper about research for which CrystFEL was important, please consider getting in touch so we can include your article in this list.

2018 (15 this year so far, 110 total to date)

2017 (23 this year, 95 total to date)

2016 (19 this year, 72 total to date)

2015 (23 this year, 53 total to date)

2014 (17 this year, 30 total to date)

2013 (7 this year, 13 total to date)

2012 (5 this year, 6 total to date)

2011 (1 this year)

Useful references

Here are some papers describing CrystFEL or its algorithms: