APE/Quadrics at DESY

DESY, the German HEP lab, is currently configuring a APE computer. The APE was developed by INFN, Rome, and is now sold under the name Quadrics by Alenia Spazio, S.p.A., Italy. It is a massively parallel SIMD machine, currently used at DESY for Lattice Gauge Theory simulations. Contact: <marcus@tsun.desy.de>

The commercial version of the APE is called Quadrics. Description of the hardware of this SIMD parallel computer. Currently, there are two Q16 and one Q1 machines operating (see also: technical details).
Previously called APESE. The own (Fortranish) language of this machine.
The compiler language.
These postscript files are slightly out of date but give you a good first impression of the machine architecture and its programming language.
APE a Roma
APE page from Rome University "La Sapienza" with papers on the machine and various applications.
Index of papers from Rome, including work done at DESY.
For friends of the Italian language: I Calcolatori Paralleli APE dell' INFN, the project description from Universita' di Pisa.
The YCPS at Yale, and the CICA in Indiana, are one out of many places pursuing research in parallel supercomputing. See also: Lots of information on distributed and parallel programming collected by Jonathan Wang, lattice computing, FreeHEP parallel tools, and other HPC research groups.

Last updated Dec 16 1996