Lattice Computing

A powerful configuration of this Alenia Spazio SIMD parallel computer (former APE100 from INFN) is now installed at DESY.
The C++ Virtual Library of documents
List of Computing conferences
scientific computing tutors: multigrid, conjugate gradient, iterative methods etc.
Literate Programming
Writing cleaner and more beautiful code with perfect documentation
Parallel Applications
FreeHEP tools, newsgroups and other resources.
Available QCD Software
  • MILC QCD code (basic)
  • QCDF90
  • APE Software
  • Standard for Portable Lattice QCD Files (Draft)
    Standard format for lattice QCD configurations.
    Software Archives
    Commercial and non-commercial Net-libraries.
    TR Index
    Unified Index of Technical Reports in Computer Science (including the Neuroprose archive)
    General computing
    A service from WWW at CERN
    Computer Related Web Sites.

    Last updated Apr 25 1997