Lattice High Energy Physics

There is some important news about the "Overview on Lattice Field Theory" pages.
Lattice Field Theory
Software at the FreeHEP information server. There are some reviews and a discussion group, hepnet.freehep [FAQ]. A list of shared lattice data.
Lattice Preprints and Conferences
PostScript files from the DESY library. Preprint bulletin board at the LANL information server (with index search). Macros for preprint processing from Here is the "Mother of all Bulletin Boards".
SPIRES Databases Search
From SLAC: Look up HEP publications, abstracts, addresses, or software
Electronic archives and selected papers.
Tools, parallel programming, C++ etc. relevant for Lattice HEP. Also on the APE-100/Quadrics massively parallel computer from INFN/Alenia.
General Physics
Mathematical Physics, News and preprints, workshops, books etc. See also: HEP Theory Software
Multigrid Algorithms
Very fast multilevel algorithms for Lattice Gauge Theory and Numerical Mathematics

Last updated Apr 25 1997