The Centre for Data and Computing in Natural Science aims to promote research in the field of digitisation in Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld, which is currently under development. Researchers from DESY, the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) and the University of Hamburg are working together in this interdisciplinary centre to achieve that goal.

What do X-ray sources, particle accelerators, radio telescopes, cryo-electron microscopes and scientific simulations have in common? They generate huge volumes of data that need to be recorded, analysed and archived. The Centre for Data and Computing in Natural Science (CDCS) develops modern solutions for doing this, at the interface between computer science and natural sciences.

Using large amounts of date efficiently

In many areas of the natural sciences, research relies on collecting and analysing large amounts of complex data, the volume of which has grown dramatically in recent years. The reason for this is that experimental research is increasingly being automated, complex technical systems are being digitalised and simulations are becoming more and more important. The CDCS is tackling these challenges by intermeshing natural sciences with the know-how of computer science and applied mathematics. The researchers are thereby hoping to develop complex software components and create interdisciplinary tools.