Jentschke Lectures

Every year, DESY organizes a lecture in memory of Professor Dr. Willibald Jentschke (held in English)

DESY Lecture Series in Memory of Professor Dr. Willibald Jentschke. Professor Willibald Jentschke was the founder and first director of DESY in Hamburg and remained in this position until 1970. He laid the foundation for a laboratory playing an outstanding role in research based on accelerators. His knowledge, competence, vision and personality shaped DESY until today. Willibald Jentschke passed away on 11 March 2002, a few months after his 90th birthday. Starting in 2002 DESY will organise annual lectures in memory of Willibald Jentschke.

Lecture 2019
“Climate at the Crossroads: Choosing our Planet's Future”

Wednesday, 16 October 2019
17:00 h
DESY Auditorium

William Drew Collins
Director Environmental Resilience Accelerator, Climate & Ecosystem Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

William Drew Collins (Photo: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

Climate change has become a very hot topic, both literally and figuratively, for our generation and for many generations to come. Climate scientists are increasingly confident of its causes, and we are increasingly concerned regarding the dire implications of `business as usual' for the future of society and our natural surroundings.

Fortunately the scientific community is also confident that a united global community can solve this problem using existing technologies and, in so doing, improve the quality, equity, and environmental harmony of people's lives worldwide. Possible paths forward could help attain many of the UN's Sustainability Goals.

The Jentschke Lecture marks the highlight of the DESY Science Day. On this festive event DESY welcomes newly appointed Lead Scientists, celebrates recent scientific highlights, and awards the PhD thesis prize of the Association of the Friends and Sponsors of DESY (VFFD).