H1Zeus - HERA Combined Results

Welcome to the H1Zeus working group homepage

This page is the official webpage of the H1 and ZEUS public combined results for HERA combined data.
More information on the results can be obtained by eMail from the Combination Coordinators , Spokespersons and the Physics Coordinators of the H1 and ZEUS Collaborations.

H1 and ZEUS Combined Publications

Preliminary results can be found on the working group webpages, which are linked above. Some unpublished combined plots can be found at the end of the page below.

Combined H1 and ZEUS figures

Short links to the results of the individual experiments

The results of the H1 collaboration are available at http://h1.desy.de/e104552/e104555/.
The results of the ZEUS collaboration are available at http://www-zeus.desy.de/zeus_papers/zeus_papers.html.

HERAPDF version table

Version table of the HERAPDF PDF sets with links to documentation and LHAPDF can be found on this link.

Internal information

  H1ZEUS Meetings
  Publication rules for H1ZEUS combinations defined in 2016 (One slide)
     older versions: [2008-2015]
  Rules for preliminary H1ZEUS combined results