Starting in 2017, DSF funds are granted anytime. This is done on the basis of

a) short applications which are to be justified and signed by at least two heads of department or by one director and the head of the Zeuthen institute

b) proposals made by the Chairman of the DESY Board of Directors.

The DSF will offer start-up financing to strengthen common projects, strategic initiatives and innovative approaches. It may cover a period of up to two years. Applications are possible for staff investment, equipment and investment for resources. DSF funds will only be granted to DESY groups. The DSF will particularly not compete with the PIER Seed Projects. For the funding application, please use the DSF application form (supplement A) and keep to the predefined number of pages. The application must include a concise description of the goals, unique features, strategic relevance, sustainability, form of cooperation between the divisions and the project structure. The application must also enclose the support statements of the directors / the head of the institutes of the applying divisions.   

Currently, the DSF is oversubscribed, so no applications are being accepted.









Selection procedure

Prioritisation of applications and proposals is made by the DSF Board. Its members are:

Permanent members

  1. Chairman of the DESY Board of Directors
  2. Frank Lehner, DIB
  3. Barbara Wittmann, DIB

Appointed members

  1. one leading scientist from each research division: FS, FH, M,
  2. one leading scientist from the Zeuthen institute.


The chairperson appoints the members on the basis of proposals made by the divisions. Working in the DSF Board is limited to two years, re-appointment is possible. The DSF Board meets at least twice a year to evaluate the applications which should be submitted two weeks before the DSF Board selection meeting takes place. The appointed members advise the chairperson on  projects to be financed by the DSF.