Visiting DESY in Hamburg

Visiting DESY

Virtual Tours at DESY

​Hamburg's largest research centre is open for everybody and invites you to a guided tour. Unfortunately, due to the situation caused by the Covid-19 virus tours for the public on the DESY premises are still not possible. We offer virtual live-tours instead. As it was common practice before, young scientists will lead you through the programme and show our research sites. You are invited to ask questions any time in this interactive format.

We will give an overview of our research fields and lead you through our experimental hall PETRA III, one of the brightest X-ray light source storage rings in the world. And let yourself be surprised how much more there is to know. 

No special physics knowledge is required.


Visit dates

We startet monthly virtual tours in German language. Details please see on this page: German tours.

The next virtual tour is scheduled for June.


Public relations (PR):

Monday till Thursday
from 09:00 to 15:00

Tel.: +49 40 8998-3613

22603 Hamburg


School groups

The DESY visit is recommended for students in the final years of secondary education, especially for those who attended advanced courses in physics.