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Nov 06, 2000

This page gives access to the latest versions of the chapters edited so far. These are drafts for use within the TESLA collaboration only!
The chapters are published all in the pdf format.

The number of pages given in the list below refers to the proposed number of the Tentative Table of Contents

For technical reasons the links on this page may refer to not (yet) existing documents. New documents will be available without any notification.
A more sophisticated page with dynamic links is under preparation.

  1. Overview (15 pages)
  2. Status of R&D (25 pages)
  3. Main Linac (40 pages)
  4. Injection System (30 pages)
  5. Damping Ring (20 pages)
  6. Bunch Compressor and Beam Transfer to Main Linac (15 pages)
  7. Beam Delivery System (25 pages)
  8. Infrastructure and Auxiliary Systems (40 pages)
  9. Free Electron Laser and its Sub-systems (60 pages)
  10. Project Management(10 pages)
  11. Cost Estimate (10pages)
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Status: Nov 6, 2000