List of Literate Programming Tools

Have a look at the LitProg Library for a more complete overview and sources.
CLiP (PostScript, plain)
A universal (language-independent) literate programming tool, from See also: CLiP Style (Part a, Part b, ) [PostScript], Description, and the Manuals for the MS-DOS [PostScript, plain Text], the VAX-VMS [PostScript, plain Text], and the Unix version [PostScript plain text].
WEB System of Structured Documentation for C and C++. References [v3.0, all PostScript]: User's Manual, common, cweave, ctangle. A perl tool which severs a cweb file, extracting only those modules matching a given regexp, by S.E. Spero
A tool for semi-automatic generation of web files on the PC
Features and comparison with FWEB, by P. Lyon (original message to LitProg mailing list).
WEB System of Structured Software Design and Documentation for Fortran-77, Fortran-90, Ratfor, C, C++ and TeX. References [v1.30, all PostScript]: fwebmac [40p.], User's Manual [body, index, 200 p.], guide [20p.]. Here is John Krommes' hypertextified FWEB Info
Glasgow LitProg Tools
A GNU Texinfo-based suite of literate programming tools from Glasgow, at Here is the documentation in PostScript, and a experience report
LPW (Literate Programming Workshop)
A true Macintosh litprog application: fully interactive, WYSIWIG
"Literate-Programming Can Be Simple and Extensible" by N. Ramsey (plain, PostScript). The DOS port of NOWEB is available via anon FTP from as file See also: Hypertextifying with Noweb, and the "Noweb Hacker's Guide" [PostScript].
NUWEB (PostScript)
Yet another simple Literate Programming tool for arbitrary programming languages, with LaTeX as formatter. Command Summary (ps)
A WORDWEB (HyperText literate programming)

Last updated September 2, 1994

Marcus Speh