The Literate Programming Mailing List

The "Literate Programming Mailing List" [LitProg] is a discussion forum both for novices and experienced "Literate Programmers". A family of useful FAQ lists for LitProg tools [WEB, CWEB, FWEB, C-No-WEB, SpiderWeb, FunnelWEB etc.] is in preparation [currently only a FAQ for FWEB exists].

To join, send email with the text:

in the body of the message to <> or <Listserv@SHSU.bitnet>. Any problems subscribing to this list should be directed to its maintainer, George D. Greenwade <>, or <BED_GDG@SHSU.bitnet>.

See also George D. Greenwade's Archives of the LitProg List at Sam Houston State University, TX, reachable also via anonymous FTP to

The Literate Programming Newsgroup

The mailing list is gatewayed to the Usenet group comp.programming.literate and vice versa. Here is the same group, but threaded!

Before you post, please have a look at the FAQs

Last updated November 14, 1993

Marcus Speh