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By high energy physics standards, the DESY site is relatively compact and all points important to workshop participants can easily be reached on foot. Hamburg is well-served by a public transportation network and the DESY site can easily be reached by a combination of S-bahn and bus. Hostel rooms, the main auditorium and seminar rooms are equipped with WLAN, accessible to guests w/o prior registration.

Workshop secretariat and registration

The workshop secretariat (registration desk) will be located in the lobby of the main auditorium. Participants arriving on Tuesday afternoon are asked to indicate the time of their arrival, so we can adjust the opening time of the registration desk appropriately.

Talk slides

For presentations there will be a central windows-based PC. Overhead projectors are also available. Speakers are asked to provide their slides in pdf or ppt-format by email to qwg07@desy.de. Please specify the time of your talk.

Transport in Hamburg

    Public transport tickets cost 2.60 € and can be obtained from the bus driver, or at large stops (including the airport) and s-bahn stations, from ticket machines. The ticket is valid for a one-way trip of up to 2 hours after time of purchase on all buses, S-bahns, U-bahns (and even some Elbe and Alster ferry boats). Many other ticket types exist such as the ``9-Uhr-Tageskarte'' for 5.10 € which is valid for 9 hours from time of purchase and the ``3-Tage-Karte'' at 15 € which is valid for 3 days. All can be obtained from the ticket machines or the bus drivers. The following links provide an overview of the main bus routes [Metrobus] and the rail based public transport [U- and S-Bahn].
    To order a taxi you can call the guards at the entrance at the phone extension 3333 and ask them to order a taxi for you. Let them know about your location on the DESY site. The taxi driver receives directions from the guards and can pick you up on site.

Getting to DESY from the airport

    By taxi: the trip takes 20-30 minutes. Taxi fares are about 35 €.
    By public transport: the trip takes about 1 hour. Take bus number 110 (Airport Express) from in front of the terminal (ground level) to the Ohlsdorf S-bahn station which is the end of the line (12 minutes). From there, take the S-1 or S-11 -- direction Wedel or Blankenese -- to the Othmarschen station (35 minutes). Leave the platform heading East (direction from which you came), cross the street and take bus 1 to Zum Hünengrab/DESY (7 minutes). The bus leaves you near DESY's main entrance.

Getting to DESY from the train stations

Hamburg has two train stations (the Hauptbahnhof and the Altona Bahnhof). Both stations are serviced by S-bahn lines S1 and S11. Take either one -- direction Wedel or Blankenese -- and follow the above instructions, starting from getting off at Othmarschen station. (18 minutes from the main station or 5 minutes from Altona.)

DESY Site map

The location of the meeting rooms and the canteen is indicated on the DESY site map. The same map without annotations is available as [high-res jpg]. Site maps on paper can be obtained from the guards at the entrances. In any case you will find one in the information pack you receive when you register.

Access to the DESY site

DESY has two entrances. The main entrance on Notkestrasse is open 24 hours a day to both pedestrians and vehicles. The side entrance, on Luruperstrasse is open for both pedestrians and vehicles on Monday through Friday, from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. It is open for pedestrians at all times -- outside of opening hours, you will need to press the obvious button to remotely alert the guard at the main gate to open the gate for you.
    On foot: Access to DESY on foot requires no special ID card. The guards will not stop you.
    By car: You are required to have a DESY pass displayed in your wind-screen. Temporary passes can be obtained from the DESY guards.

Places on site of interest to participants

Except for seminar room 1 and the cafeteria, the places of interest are all in building 6 and 5 (which are joined). The cafeteria is just across the street from the main auditorium. To reach building 6 from the main entrance, go straight to the round-about and turn left, taking either of two roads. Building 6 is the grey/white 4-story building with red blinds. The auditorium is just beyond.
    Hostel office: bldg 6, room 118
    International office: bldg 6, room 114
    Cashier: bldg 6, room 215
    Main auditorium: bldg 5
    Seminar room 1: bldg 1
    Workshop secretariat: lobby, bldg 5
There is no ATM machine on the DESY site. Credit cards and bank cards can be used to retrieve cash money (withdrawal up to 200 €) during cashier opening hours (Mon - Thu: 9:30 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 15:00, Fri: 9:30 - 13:00). Nearby ATM machines are located at the shopping mall "Elbe-Einkaufszentrum" and S-Bahn Othmarschen (about 2 km).

Hamburg Tourist Information

For detailed information about sights and events in Hamburg we refer to the pages of the Hamburg Tourist Board. A nice overview is available at Alb's Hamburg Pages. A lot of Hamburg photographs are collected at www.panoramio.com.


    A convenience store "Penny Markt" is in walking distance from DESY. Exit the lab through the main gate, cross the street (Notkestrasse) and go straight on into the small stree (Zum Hünengrab). The store is located a few hundred meters down the street at the next traffic lights to the right.
    The Elbe-Einkaufszentrum is a large shopping mall. Take bus no.1 in the direction "Sieversstücken"/"Rissen"/"Schenefelder Holt" and get off at the 3rd stop.
    Shops and restaurants are in Waitzstrasse (near S-Bahn Othmarschen). Take bus no.1 in the direction "Bf.Altona" and get off at "Othmarschen".
    Many more restaurants are in Altona. Take bus no. 1 in direction "Bf Altona" and get off at Othmarschen. Take the S-Bahn to Altona (total trip about 20 minutes). At the Altona station, take the exit to the West ("Ottenser Hauptstrasse"), which leads to a pedestrian zone with plenty of opportunities for food and shopping.
    For real serious shopping you may want to go to the City ("Mönckebergstrasse").

Participants staying at the Hostel

    Registering and obtaining hostel room keys

    You can register and obtain your keys at the hostel office, if it is open. The opening hours are 9:00 - 13:00 Mon through Friday. Outside of these times you can register and obtain your key from the guards at the main entrance.

    Paying the hostel bill

    Your bill will be ready for you on the day after you check in and can be picked up at the hostel office. You can only pick it up only during working hours -- so Friday afternoon or later is too late! To avoid a last minute rush, it would be best to pick it up on Wednesday. After having obtained your bill, you can pay at the cashier which is on the next floor up, just at the top of the stairs (cash, credit and bank cards are accepted). The opening hours are Mon -- Thu: 9:30 -- 12:00 and 13:00 -- 15:00 and Friday from 9:30 to 13:00.

    On leaving

    You must return your key before 10.30am or you will be charged for and extra night. Outside of working hours you can return your key at the main gate.

Participants receiving financial support

Participants receiving financial support who have been invited through the DESY international office should receive their money from the DESY cashier. In order to receive the money the appropriate form (obtainable from the international office) as well as the DESY hostel bill are required. Other participants receiving financial support are required to submit their original tickets and bills after the trip. The money will then be reimbursed by check or bank transfer.


    Breakfast: the DESY canteen is open from 7am on weekdays. You will need to pay by cash. On the weekend, the bistro is open starting at 10am. The bistro accepts bank and credit cards. On Saturday breakfast will be provided in front of the main auditorium.
    Lunch: On Wednesday through Friday the DESY canteen is the easiest. On Saturday we will provide Sandwiches and Salad for lunch.
    Dinner: There are very few restaurants within walking distance of DESY. DESY's bistro is open from 5pm to 11pm (weekdays) and 10am to 4pm (weekend days). and serves dinner. It is also a good place for relaxing and chatting before or after dinner (until 11pm). Many restaurants can be found in Altona and elsewhere.

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