Jentschke Lectures

Every year, DESY organizes a lecture in memory of Professor Dr. Willibald Jentschke (held in English)

DESY Lecture Series in Memory of Professor Dr. Willibald Jentschke. Professor Willibald Jentschke was the founder and first director of DESY in Hamburg and remained in this position until 1970. He laid the foundation for a laboratory playing an outstanding role in research based on accelerators. His knowledge, competence, vision and personality shaped DESY until today. Willibald Jentschke passed away on 11 March 2002, a few months after his 90th birthday. Starting in 2002 DESY will organise annual lectures in memory of Willibald Jentschke.

Lecture 2015
"Illuminating the dark side: New approaches to search for the dominating matter in our universe"

14 December 2015
17:00 h
DESY Auditorium

Dr. Axel Lindner
Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY

Axel Lindner

Elementary particle physics, our understanding of nature at smallest scales, and our knowledge on cosmology have joined forces to describe the development of the universe with great accuracy. This stunning success however predicts that 95% of the mass-energy budget of the universe still remains to be discovered. Of particular interest here is the so-called dark matter responsible for the formation of structures in the universe. Itshould outbalance the forms of matter we know already by more than a factor five.

This lecture will sketch the evidences for dark matter in the universe as well as the prime candidates for its constituents. Recently, so-called weakly interacting slim particles, with the axion being its most famous representative, have caught increasing interest in theoretical and experimental physics. Frequently such experiments are based on dedicated light sources and extremely sensitive light detectors. At the end of the international year of light 2015 the lecture will focus on these investigations trying to bring the nature of dark matter to light.

At 16:30 h, prior to the Jentschke Lecture, the Association of the Friends and Sponsors of DESY (VFFD) will award outstanding PhDs who have recently completed their thesis.