In Hamburg, DESY offers opportunities for master and doctoral theses in the following fields of research: particle physics, photon science, and accelerator physics and technology. DESY in Hamburg does not grant the degrees directly but collaborates with several universities, predominantly with the university of Hamburg. Candidates will have to comply with the universities' terms of admission for master and doctoral theses.


Experimental particle physics at the LHC: Study of proton collisions at the highest energies, tests of the Standard Model and search for new particles and phenomena.
Contact ATLAS: Dr. Klaus Moenig (
Contact CMS: Dr. Matthias Kasemann (

Experimental particle physics with high-energy electron-positron collisions
Contact FLC: Dr. Ties Behnke (

Experimental particle physics at Belle II
Contact BELLE II: Dr. Carsten Niebuhr (

ALPS: experiment searching for new, very light and weakly interacting particles
Contact ALPS: Dr. Axel Lindner (

Particle physics theory: The theory group works in the fields of phenomenology of elementary particles, particle cosmology, string theory and mathematical physics.
Contact T: Dr. Volker Schomerus (

Photon science

Photon science at DESY: Utilization of synchrotron radiation and X-ray laser radiation in natural science, life science, earth science and materials science experiments.
Contact: Dr. Tim Laarmann (

Centre for Free-Electron Laser Science (CFEL): Fundamental and applied research using novel X-ray sources (free-electron lasers) for the investigation of materials and biological systems on atomic length and time scales.
Contact: Prof. Dr. Henry Chapman (

Accelerator physics

Research on physical basics of classical and advanced accelerator types and collaboration in the technical implementation of linear and circular accelerators for particle physics and for the generation of synchrotron radiation, including the free-electron lasers FLASH and X-ray laser European XFEL.
Dr. Ralph Aßmann (
Prof. Dr. Florian Grüner (
Prof. Dr. Jörg Rossbach (
Dr. Bernhard Schmidt (

Doctoral programmes in the field of accelerator research and development