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lab. 2a
room 408a , phone: 2083
Alexander Westphal

 Theory Group
 Notkestraße 85
 D-22603 Hamburg, -Germany-

 Telephone: +49 40 8998 2083
 Fax: +49 40 8998 2777

 email: alexander.westphal(AT)

Research Interests:
Inflation in String Theory / Strings & Cosmology
Extra Dimensions & orbifold GUTs

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all ambient-space descent O7/O3 orientifolds of Complete Intersection in Projective Spaces Calabi-Yau manifolds (CICYs)

genus-0 Gopakumar-Vafa invariants for all Complete Intersection in Projective Spaces Calabi-Yau manifolds (CICYs) through h1,1 = 9

ERC Consolidator Grant STRINGFLATION Group:

ERC Project Website for STRINGFLATION
Group Members:

Associated Members:

Veronica Guidetti

Yvette Welling

Nicole Righi

Federico Carta

Francesco Muia

Alessandro Mininno




IPPP, Durham, UK)

DAMTP, Cambridge, UK)

IFT, Madrid, Spain)

email: veronica.guidetti(AT)

email: yvette.welling(AT)

email: nicole.righi(AT)

email: federico.carta(AT)

email: francesco.muia(AT)

email: alessandro.mininno(AT)

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Cosmological Inflation in String Theory - The 'String Landscape'

The Rolling Ball: Inflation could be the 'breathing' of extra dimensions


DESY Theory Workshop 2017

ERC Workshop: New Ideas in String Phenomenology (2017)

XXVIII Workshop Beyond the Standard Model (2016)


Youtube: "String Theory Landscape" at the SETI Institute (2012), Mountain View, California

OmegaTau Podcast on "String Theory" (2015)

Wissen vom Fass (Science on Tap), Hamburg, April 25, 2019

in German: Welt der Physik Podcast über "Paralleluniversen" (2019)

in German: - Hyperraum.TV - "Gleichung, Lösung, Symmetrie" (2020)
in German: - Hyperraum.TV - "Stringtheorie: Vom Punkt zur Linie" (2020)
in German: - Hyperraum.TV - "Fundamentalphysik: Abbild versus Erkenntnis?" (2020)

SFB 676 "Particles, Strings, and the Early Universe":
Project C6 "Scalar fields in Cosmology: Inflation, Dark Matter, Dark Energy"

C6 Post-Doc:
Mafalda Dias, email: mafalda.dias(AT)

Former group members:

Ido Ben-Dayan (now faculty at Ariel U.)

Benedict Broy   (PhD, now at d-fine)

David Ciupke  (PhD, now postdoc in Bologna)

Mafalda Dias  (now postdoc at Harvard, Marks Lab)

Koushik Dutta  (now faculty at the SAHA Institute)

Jonathan Frazer  (now postdoc at Harvard, Marks Lab)

Jakob Moritz  (PhD, now postdoc at Cornell U.)

Francisco Pedro  (now faculty at Bologna)

Ander Retolaza  (now postdoc at IPhT Saclay)

Markus Rummel  (PhD, now postdoc at Perimeter)

Pascal Vaudrevange  (now at d-fine)

DESY theory workshop seminar 'Particles, Strings and the Early Universe':

fall term 2010/2011

spring term 2011

fall term 2011/2012

spring term 2012


summer term 2011: Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology

SFB lectures: summer term 2011, slides: From Inflation to the Planck Scale

winter term 2012: Theoretical Cosmology

summer term 2014: Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology

SFB lectures: summer term 2015, slides: Status and Perspectives of Early Universe Inflation

Curriculum Vitae:
pdf file

some sign posts and stations along my path:

Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics

(2007 - 2010)

SISSA/ISAS Theoretical Particle Physics

(2005 - 2007)

a list of some big open questions in string/M-theory by Steven B. Giddings

and some introductory texts for the non-stringy world.

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