This website was set up by Federico Carta, Jakob Moritz and Alexander Westphal, to host the full database of Z_2 actions on complete intersections Calabi-Yau manifolds (CICYs), which descend from ambient space involutions, and whose fixed locus supports orientifold 7-planes and 3-planes.

The original paper, explaining how the database was constructed, is available on the arXiv.
The same paper explains how to read the database files downloadable below.

orientifold database for favourable CICYs

orientifold database for non-favourable CICYs

list of the configuration matrices of the fixed divisors for orientifolds of favourable CICYs

candidate orientifolds for thraxions (

thraxions in the CICY orientifold database: N=1 conifold transitions between orientifolds of favourable CICYs which leave the O7/O3 planes untouched (

Mathematica notebook with the commented code to generate the orientifolds of all favourable CICYs

Two histograms displaying the number of CICY orientifolds, as a function of the orientifold-odd Hodge numbers.