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Detector Research and Development: Topics of Interest
 International Linear Collider Detector R&D
"Linear Collider Detector R&D", Ed. J. Brau et al, August 28, 2002
Report on Detector R&D projects - existing and needed (pdf file 227 kB)
This report was generated by the International Linear Collider Detector R&D Committee,
a panel of the Worldwide Study which is chaired by Rolf Heuer.
For more information, please refere to the web page above.
  As the organising committee of the Extended ECFA/DESY Study, we propose that ECFA should support these activities for a further two years, from Spring 2003. The three ECFA-supported studies so far have played an enormously important role in preparing the case for the linear collider. This case has been endorsed by representative bodies in Europe, America and Asia. An International Linear Collider Steering Group has been formed,
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