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mptest2.f90 File Reference

MC for simple 10 layer silicon strip tracker. More...

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module  mptest2
 Parameters and data.


subroutine mptst2 (imodel)
 Generate test files. More...
subroutine genln2 (ip)
 Generate line and measurements. More...


integer(mpi), parameter mptest2::nlyr =10
 number of detector layers More...
integer(mpi), parameter mptest2::nmlyr =14
 number of measurement layers More...
integer(mpi), parameter mptest2::nmx =10
 number of modules in x direction More...
integer(mpi), parameter mptest2::nmy =5
 number of modules in y direction More...
integer(mpi), parameter mptest2::ntot =nlyr*nmx*nmy
 total number of modules More...
real(mps), parameter mptest2::dets = 10.0
 arclength of first plane More...
real(mps), parameter mptest2::diss = 10.0
 distance between planes More...
real(mps), parameter mptest2::thck = 0.02
 thickness of plane (X0) More...
real(mps), parameter mptest2::offs = 0.5
 offset of stereo modules More...
real(mps), parameter mptest2::stereo =0.08727
 stereo angle More...
real(mps), parameter mptest2::sizel = 20.0
 size of layers More...
real(mps), parameter mptest2::sigl =0.002
integer(mpi) mptest2::nhits
 number of hits More...
real(mps) mptest2::the0
 multiple scattering error More...
integer(mpi), dimension(nmlyr) mptest2::islyr
 (detector) layer More...
integer(mpi), dimension(nmlyr) mptest2::ihits
 module number More...
real(mps), dimension(ntot) mptest2::sdevx
 shift in x (alignment parameter) More...
real(mps), dimension(ntot) mptest2::sdevy
 shift in y (alignment parameter) More...
real(mps), dimension(nmlyr) mptest2::sarc
 arc length More...
real(mps), dimension(nmlyr) mptest2::ssig
 resolution More...
real(mps), dimension(2, nmlyr) mptest2::spro
 projection of measurent direction in (XY) More...
real(mps), dimension(nmlyr) mptest2::xhits
 position perp. More...
real(mps), dimension(nmlyr) mptest2::yhits
 measured position in plane (hit) More...
real(mps), dimension(nmlyr) mptest2::sigma
 measurement sigma (hit) More...

Detailed Description

MC for simple 10 layer silicon strip tracker.

Claus Kleinwort, DESY, 2009

No B-field, straight tracks. Selected with command line option '-t=track-model' The track-models differ in the implementation of multiple scattering (errors):

MC for simple silicon strip tracker:

Global parameters:

Definition in file mptest2.f90.

Function/Subroutine Documentation

◆ genln2()

subroutine genln2 ( integer(mpi), intent(in)  ip)

◆ mptst2()

subroutine mptst2 ( integer(mpi), intent(in)  imodel)

Generate test files.

Create text and binary files.

 unit  8: textfile mp2str.txt   = steering file
 unit  9: textfile mp2con.txt   = constraint file
 unit 51: binary file mp2test.bin, written using CALL MILLE(.)
 existing file are removed
[in]imodeltrack model
      0: 'straight line', ignoring multiple scattering
      1: 'straight line', using diagonal of m.s. error matrix
      2: 'break points'
      3: 'broken lines', fine
      4: 'broken lines', coarse (stereo layers combined)

Definition at line 110 of file mptest2.f90.

References mptest2::dets, mptest2::diss, genln2(), mptest2::ihits, mptest2::islyr, mille(), mptest2::nhits, mptest2::nlyr, mptest2::nmx, mptest2::nmy, mptest2::offs, mptest2::sarc, mptest2::sdevx, mptest2::sdevy, mptest2::sigl, mptest2::sigma, mptest2::spro, mptest2::ssig, mptest2::stereo, mptest2::thck, mptest2::the0, mptest2::xhits, and mptest2::yhits.

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