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using EIGEN
example2.cpp File Reference
#include <time.h>
#include "exampleUtil.h"
#include "GblTrajectory.h"

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void example2 ()

Detailed Description

Example application.

Claus Kleinwort, DESY, 2011 (

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void example2 ( )

Simple technical example (measurement as local system).

Create points on initial trajectory, create trajectory from points, fit and write trajectory to MP-II binary file, get track parameter corrections and covariance matrix at points.

Equidistant measurement layers and thin scatterers, propagation with simple jacobian (quadratic in arc length differences). Measurement system as local coordinate system.

This example simulates and refits tracks in a system of planar detectors with 2D measurements in a constant magnet field in Z direction using measurement system as local system and (Q/P, slopes, offsets) as local track parameters. The true (curvilinear) track parameters are randomly smeared with respect to a (constant and straight) reference trajectory with direction (lambda, phi) and are used (only) for the on-the-fly simulation of the measurements and scatterers. The predictions from the reference trajectory are therefore always zero and the residuals needed (by addMeasurement) are equal to the measurements. The scatterers with have non diagonal precision matrices.

Definition at line 37 of file example2.cpp.

References gbl::GblPoint::addMeasurement(), gbl::GblPoint::addScatterer(), gbl::GblTrajectory::fit(), gbl::gblSimpleJacobian(), and gbl::unrm().