Science & Society Initiative

Science and Society Initiative

The Science & Society Initiative cannot continue its activities  under the restrictions imposed in response to the war against Ukraine.

If you are interetested in further activities, please see the Scinece4Peace forum

We are working at DESY, universities and other research institutes and believe, that successful research and development is only possible, if

• every person, independent of gender, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, democratic political opinion has equal rights to participate in research and science

• research follows a special degree of social responsibility as it is mostly funded publicly.

• application of scientific results are discussed more publicly and we engage in dialogue with society, the scientific community concerning future-oriented issues.

• our research and behavior follows social, ecological and ethical standards. As far as the structure of our research is concerned, we commit ourselves to the development of sustainable concepts. We advocate the responsible handling of natural resources respecting global climate requirements

• our research pursues goals that are exclusively peaceful and serve civil society as well as to improve the peaceful interaction and coexistence for which international cooperation is essential

• research is embedded in political and social discussions and it takes an active role in providing scientific knowledge and argumentation

We organize public presentation talks of experts (see Public Events) on topics relevant to the discourse and we offer rounds for detailed discussions.

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