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Security cover for motor protection switchgearA65
Spacer screws, ENMET / ENISOG17
Spacers with nuts for "D"C68
Spacer tubes, ENLIS / ENMET / ETAG17
Screw terminalsC6
Service hours counter/Elapsed time meterA86
Sheet, aluminiumL20, 21
Sheet, E-CuL22
Sheet, thinL6
Sheet, thickL7
Sheet, copperL22
Sheet, perforated, aluminiumL20, 21
Sheet, brassL17
Sheet, medium thicknessL6
Sheet, stainless steelL12
Sheet, steel, galvanisedL6
Sheet, Al for walkways etc.L7
Sheet, walk-way, aluminiumL21
Self tapping screws, cheese headK46
Sockets, BURNDYC34
Sockets, SMA & accessoriesC18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23
Sockets, telephoneC3
Sockets and pins, AMPC50
Socket shells, "D"C67
Signal cableB12, 13, 14
Sealing tape, TeflonK5
Sealing compoundK5
Sealing materialK5
Setsquares, GeoM28
Setsquares, 45M28
Setsquares, 60M28
Single core cable, halogen freeB5
Solder pads for PCB developementG62
Spare bulbA91, 92
Spare lenses for safety glassesH75, 76
Sockets, fluorescent lampsA104
Sockets, miniature & subminiature lampsA71
Single coil spring lock washersK60
Spring washersK60
Spring steel wiresK3
Strip, aluminiumL18
Strip, copperL22
Strip, brassL16
Strip, steelL4
Strip, steel, rolledL11
Scaffolding componentsH29
Studding, NylonK49
Self adhesive noticesM35
Synthetic resin bonded paper sheetL25
Shells, unscreened for ribbon cable "D"C72, 73
Skin protection cremesM50
Staple removerM6
Suspended filesM12
Suspended filesM12
Suspended filesM12
Suspended filesM12
Sealing compound, insulatingB67
Small fittingsK28
Small housingsG59
Small filament lampsA95, 96, 97, 98
Small switchesG9
Small changeover switches, KISSLINGG9
Screw terminals, laboratoryC6
Spherical washersK59
Signal cableB12, 13
Signal cable, twisted pairsB14
StriplightsA101, 102, 103
Solvents and cleaning liquidsH6
Solder wireH27, 28
Solder fittings, copperK13, 14, 15
Solder fittings, bronzeK10, 11
Solder - cable endsB58
Solder varnish sprayH5
Solder tagstrips, ceramicG15
Solder materialsH27
Solder tagsG14
Solder station, WELLERI76, 77, 78
Solder tagstripsG14
Solder tagsG14, 15
Solder tags for printed circuit boardsG15
Solder tag/stand-off piecesG14
Soft solderH27
Service lamps, green, for motor protection switchgearA65
Sample envelopes and clipsM44
Slot stoneH30, 31, 32
Solder pin connectors, D-typeC70
Solder pin connectors, SCOTCHFLEX & accessoriesC63, 64, 65
Service sealsH13
Square section tubeL12
Shelving, steelH29
Switches, encoding, KELG8
Switches, differential pressureK31
Switches, DIPG3
Switches, rotaryG8
Switches, on-offG8
Switches, residual currentA66
Switches, remoteA70
Switches, rocker, KNITTERG6
Switches, rocker, MENTORG13
Switches, smallG9
Switches, illuminated, LumitasG5
Switches, miniature, HONEYWELLG10
Switches, motor protection- & accessoriesA63, 64, 65, 66
Switches, liquid levelA76
Switches, cam operatedA81, 82
Switches, SchukoA54
Switches, rotaryA79
Switches, rotaryG9
Switches, thermoG10
Switches, door interlockA74
Switches, door interlockG4
Switches, changeover, MARQUARDTG6
Switches, changeover, MENTORG13
Switches, changeover, smallG9
Switches, rockerA54
Shears, tinI50
Shears, ribon cableB21
Shears, flat band cableI23
Spanner, open ended, doubleI39
Spanner, ring, doubleI39
Spanner, open ended/ringI38
Spanner, adjustableI39
Sleeving, insulating B68
SCHNORR anti-vibration washersK61
Screw-in over current cut-outA18
Screws, fixing- (Hensel)A12
Screws, self-tapping, cheese headK46
Screws, wingedK44
Screws, wood, round head, slottedK35
Screws, wood, raised countersunk head, slottedK34
Screws, wood, hexagon head (coach srews)K38
Screws, wood, countersunk head, slottedK36
Screws, wood, chipboardK37
Screws, cap head, hexagon socketK45
Screws, raised countersunk head, slottedK43
Screws, hexagon headK39, 40, 41
Screws, countersunk head, slotted K41, 42
Screws, hexagon socket cap headK45
Screws, cap head, slottedK32, 33
ScrewdriversI3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
SpannerI38, 39, 40, 41, 42
Screw fittings, bronzeK7, 8, 9
Screw caps, DO-A16
Screw caps, brassK9
Screw capsA17
Shoes, safetyH55, 56, 57, 58, 59
Schuko mains sockets & -switchesA54
Schuko-plugs & -connectorsA53
Safety glassesH75, 76
Safety helmetsH71
Sponges for blackboard cleaningM9
SECU-Box Mini/MidiH83
Side cuttersI17, 18
Saw bladesI49
SHV plugsC25, 26
SHV connectorsC24
Safety chainsH13
Safety shoesH55, 56, 57, 58, 59
Shakeproof washers, SCHNORRK61
Security loop (anti-theft)H42
Security loop (anti-theft)H42
Signal lamp sockets & accessoriesA71
Signal lamps & accessoriesA72, 73
Silver solderH27
Silicate panelL24
Silicon bridge rectifiersE9
Silicon diodesE4
Silicon power Z-diodesE7
Silicon miniature rectifiersE8
Silicon planar power diodesE6
Silicon planar Z-diodesE5
Silicon Schottky rectifier diodesE9
Silicon thyristorsE10
Silicon transistorsE17, 18, 19, 20
Silicon triacsE11
Silicon trigger diodesE9
SMA connectorsC19
SMA fixed plugs/socketsC18
SMA connectorsC18, 19, 20, 21
SMA accessoriesC22, 23
Socket strips, IC'sD42, 43
Speedboard cleaner sheetsM9
Speedboard cleaning spraysM9
Spray CarambaH5
Spray GüpoflexH5
Spray, coldH5
Spray, contactH5
Spray, leak searchH5
Spray, solder varnishH5
Spray, MoS2 oilH5
Spray, plasticH5
Spray, TeflonH5
Spray, TunerH5
Syringes, disposableI86
Support rails, coaxB61
Steel sheet, galvanisedL6
Steel stripL4
Steel strip, rolledL11
Steel sectionsL3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Steel sections, stainless steelL10, 11, 12, 13, 14
Steel, hollow sectionL13
Steel, tubeL9
Steel tube, thin wallL9, 28
Steel rodL3
Steel, silverL3
Steel, squareL4
Steel, angleL5
Steel, angle, stainless steelL11
Steel needlesA27
Steel shelvingH29
Starter (fluorescent lamps)A104
Socket setI41
Socket set, spare partsI42
Stamp ink/stamp padsM10
Stamp holderM10
Shorthand padsM37
Signal cable, standardB3
Signal wireB13
Signal wire, twisted pairsB14
Snap connector, insulatedB54
Styroflex capacitorsF45, 46
Switches, pressure- & accessoriesA77
Switches, rockerA54
Sharpener for TK leadsM5
Sleeves, cable-A29, 30
Silica gelH8
Square lathe toolsI73
Square filesI31
Square filesI33
Square tubular aluminiumL19
Square tubular steelL4
Service sealsH13
Spirit levelI83
Soft solder 11K
Soft soldering pasteH27
Scribbling paper boxesM11
Screws, hexagon socket cap headK45

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