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E .biss electronic order system (electronic ordering, information and services system)

All purchasing at DESY is done through the e.biss electronic ordering, information and services system. e.biss gives you access to all centrally stocked items, semi-processed items and catalogue items from our suppliers. All other goods and services can be ordered via free text. For queries relating to e.biss and for setting up your browser, contact e.biss or the V4 hotline:

+49 (0)40 8998 5050 ( ).

For questions regarding quotes, goods and services, contact the V4 Purchasing and Materials department, whose details are available from the e.biss system.

For questions relating to accounting, item groups and purpose of use, contact the V3 finance department

EU projects

From application to final report, the EU projects office (EUP) helps DESY scientists carry out EU projects efficiently and successfully. EUP is also the central point of contact at DESY for all questions relating to the development of EU research

Equality officer

Bei der Gleichstellung der Geschlechter geht es darum, bestehende Benachteiligungen, die überwiegend Frauen betreffen, abzubauen. Gender equality means tackling obstacles that disproportionately affect women. Gender equality is the responsibility of everyone, regardless of gender, and at all levels of the company. The aim is to recognise and use the potential of both women and men equally. For more information, see the webpage for the gender equality officer and women's representation