Martin Tluczykont

Contact and research activities

Dr. Martin Tluczykont
Astroparticle Physics
Strahlenschutzbeauftragter / radiation safety expert
Inst. Exp. Ph., Universität Hamburg
Luruper Chaussee 149
22761 Hamburg

click to view animation Deployment of the 9-station Tunka-HiSCORE array, October 2014 view of PMT with Winston cone; click to download full resolution image First light seen with prototype; click to download full resolution image
Station number 3, 15.10.2012 Deployment of the 9-station Tunka-HiSCORE array, October 2014 TAIGA telescope drawing TAIGA sensitivity 1 and 10 square-km

latest talks and publications

 M. Tluczykont
 TeV to PeV gamma-ray astronomy with TAIGA
 Invitied talk at 15th Marcel Grossmann Meeting, Roma, July 2018 link

 M. Tluczykont
 Upcoming: The TAIGA experiment
 TeVPA, Berlin, September 2018 link

 M. Tluczykont (Presented by I. Yashin)
 TAIGA-HiSCORE: results from the first two operation seasons
 ICRC 2017, Busan, South Corea, July 2017 link

 M. Tluczykont
 First results from TAIGA HiSCORE
 Invitied talk at DPG Frühjahrstagung, Münster, March 2017 link abstract

 M. Tluczykont
 HiSCORE first results
 Invited talk at RICAP, Roma, June 2016 link

 M. Tluczykont
 Connecting neutrino astrophysics to multi-TeV to PeV gamma-ray astronomy
 Invited talk at Magellan Workshop, Hamburg, March 2016 link

 M. Tluczykont
 Ultra High Energy gamma-rays
 talk at The Northern Astrophysics Colloquium, Hamburg, January 2016 link

 M. Tluczykont
 Multi-TeV to PeV gamma-ray astronomy: motivation and strategies
 Invited talk at The Future of Research on Cosmic Gamma Rays , August 2015 link

 Tluczykont et al.
 Towards gamma-ray astronomy with timing-arrays
 Journal of Physics: Conference Series (2015) 632 012042 (Invited reviewed proceedings, ECRS Kiel) link

 H.E.S.S. Collaboration ... Tluczykont ... et al.
 The high-energy γ-ray emission of AP Librae
 Astronomy and Astrophysics 573 (2015) A31 link

 Tluczykont et al.
 The HiSCORE concept for gamma-ray and cosmic-ray astrophysics beyond 10 TeV
 Astroparticle Physics 56 (2014) 42 link

 Tluczykont et al.
 The HiSCORE Project
 Acta Polytechnica, CTU Proceedings, Vol 1, No 1 (2014) 283 (Invited reviewed proceedings, Frascati 2013, Palermo) link

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Teaching HEGRA (1999-2003)
MAGIC (2007-2008)
Amanda / IceCube (2006-2007)

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