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General Information and Documentation
TPOL Software Document (developing) CERN Test Beam Document Jul-Aug 2001 DESY Test Beam Document Jan-Feb 2001 Polarimeter Talks Zeus Polarimeter Page

Monitoring and Control
Note that the TPOL software only works on the DESY site, inside the DESY fire wall. Java version 1.1 or higher is needed to run the software.
All of these links are to tpol02..
Download/Start the TpolMonitor
Online-manual for the TpolMonitor
Known Problems with the TpolMonitor
Version History of the TpolMonitor
TPOL Online Histograms
Access the ORACLE Database

New Offline Analysis

Click here to go to the TPOL Analysis Homepage.


A Short TPOL Manual
Instructions for Operating the TPOL (ps file)
Online Instructions for Experts
Weekly Plots
Available Spare Parts
Log Files of TPOL Runs

Old Pages
TPOL Experts, Phone Numbers and ON CALL List
A version of the old "Polarisation at HERA" page can be found here. (some broken links...)
The old TPOL page on tpol02 can be found here. (all links inside the DESY firewall...)

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