Michael Grefe.
Welcome to my homepage

Research Interests
•   Particle physics
•   Cosmology
•   Astroparticle physics
•   Physics beyond the Standard Model
•   Neutrino physics
•   Particle dark matter

I am interested in theories beyond the Standard Model of particle physics and in particle cosmology, i.e. the interplay of particle physics, cosmology, and astroparticle physics. In particular I am interested in the phenomenology of particle dark matter models in theories beyond the Standard Model.
     I have been working on the phenomenology of decaying dark matter models in the context of indirect dark matter searches with a focus on gravitino dark matter models with R-parity violation. A main aspect of this work has been the study of dark matter decay signals in gamma rays, antiprotons, positrons, neutrinos, and antideuterons that could be observed in earthbound and satellite cosmic-ray experiments.