Published versions of some talks given at conferences

Title					Conference					Size

Dilatations at high energies 12th ICHEP Dubna August 1964 9.9M High energy scaling in astrophysics Frascati Conf. May 1972 25.8M Causality and conformal group Coral Gables Conf. January 1975 18.7M Superdielectricity and confinement Symp. Bielefeld August 1980 34.8M Canonical theories Florence Workshop May 1986 14.0M Lattice Higgs model 23rd ICHEP Berkeley July 1986 12.2M QM of black holes Newton Inst. Conf. Cambridge June 1994 25.2M QM of black holes 9th M.Grossmann Meetg. Rome July 2000 4.9M QM of angle Group 24 Conf. Paris July 2002 10.8M