Selected Lattice HEP Papers

A purely personal choice of interesting papers from Marcus Speh [PostScript]. See also DESY library service.
D. Weingarten
QCD Spectroscopy", plenary talk at the Lattice '93 Symposium in Dallas, TX
Papers written in the vicinity of the new APE-100 parallel computer at DESY
P. Budnik
Is Space-Time a Lattice? -- not quite a paper, but an interesting speculation...
P. Hasenfratz, F. Niedermeyer
Perfect lattice action for asymptotically free theories [preprint Bern BUTP-93/17]
M. Lüscher
A New Approach to the Problem of Dynamical Quarks in Numerical Simulations of Lattice QCD [preprint DESY-93-148, abstract]
C. Bernard, J. Labrenz, A. Soni
A Lattice Computation of the Decay Constants of B and D Mesons [hep-lat/9306009, abstract]
MILC collaboration
Finite-size and quark mass effects on the QCD spectrum with two flavors [hep-lat/9305023, abstract]
S.A. Frolov and A.A. Slavnov
Removing fermion doublers in chiral gauge theories on the lattice [hep-lat/9303004, abstract]. A further analysis is contained in:
S. Aoki and Y. Kikukawa,
Anomaly through Gauge Invariant Regularization with Infinite Number of Pauli-Villars Fields [hep-th/9306067, abstract]
Hamburg Multigrid Group [See also: multigrid algorithms]
  • Neural Multigrid for Gauge Theories and Other Disordered Systems [hep-lat/9209021, abstract]
  • Effective Field Theories [hep-lat/9205013, abstract, figures].

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