Hamburg Multigrid Group (HMG)

At the Theoretical Physics Department of the University of Hamburg a fairly large group is investigating the use of multigrid algorithms in Lattice Gauge Theories, i.e. quantum field theories living on a lattice of discrete sites rather than in continous space-time. For the very CPU- and storage-expensive simulations of these theories, both deterministic and stochastic versions of multigrid algorithms are needed.

Currently, research of this group focuses on these topics:

Blockspin methods, Effective Field Theories
How to define blockspins for extended objects, how to compute effective field theories.
Lattice Fermions
How to incorporate multilevel strategies in simulations with lattice fermions.
Neural Multigrid Algorithms
A multilevel algorithm variant which uses neural network techniques for optimization.
Multigrid Monte Carlo
How to improve stochastic multigrid used in Monte Carlo simulations of Lattice Gauge Theories.
Object-Oriented MG programming
Development of a C++ toolit for design and testing of MG algorithms.
Here are people and publications from the Hamburg Multigrid Group.
Last updated August 8, 1993