The major task of the Foundation Council, DESY’s supervisory committee, is to advise and monitor the Board of Directors’ management duties. The Foundation Council is authorised to issue directives to the Board of Directors in important research-related and financial matters. It approves the annual budget and multi-year financial plans, audits the Board of Directors’ annual financial statements, the annual management report and the Centre’s progress report and decides on approving the actions of the Board. Furthermore the Foundation Council appoints the members of the Board of Directors and confirms the members of the Scientific Council.

Members of the Foundation Council and guests at Zeuthen in July 2016 (left to right)

Oda Keppler, Christian Harringa, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Beisiegel, Dr. Rolf Greve, Prof. Christian Stegmann, Anna Jauch, Hauke Roth, Dr. Beatrix Vierkorn-Rudolph, Prof. Helmut Dosch, Cerstin Barmbrock, Carsten Feller, Katrin Lando, Dr. Georg Mecke, Peter Wibbeling, Christian Zierau, Prof. Joachim Mnich, Dr. Reinhard Brinkmann, Prof. Edgar Weckert, Dr. Matthias Kasemann, Dr. Axel Lindner

Members of the Foundation Council

Dr Volkmar Dietz (Chairperson)
Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Division 71: Large Facilities and Basic Research

Dr Rolf Greve (Deputy Chairperson)
Ministry for Science and Research in Hamburg
Head of Department L1: Research

Oda Keppler
Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Division 712: Large International Research Facilities; DESY, GSI


Christian Zierau
Ministry for Science and Research in Hamburg

Carsten Feller
Ministry for Science, Research and Culture in Brandenburg
Head of division 2: Science and Research

Dr Christian Menzel
Ministry of Finance Brandenburg
Head of Division

Prof. Dr Ulrike Beisiegel
President of the Georg-August-University Göttingen

Dr Georg Mecke
Airbus Operations GmbH
Site Management Hamburg & External Affairs

Dr Christoph Quitmann
Director MAX IV Laboratory
Lund University

Dr Mathias Kraas
Olympus Surgical Technologies
General Manager R&D