• Mentoring for Female Researchers in Natural Sciences


The mentoring program started in 2015 on the Campus Bahrenfeld aiming at strengthening the political profile of equalization of the campus and the promotion of young female leading researchers for a maximum of 15 female Postdocs and Phd students of the following institutes currently involved: : PIER, DESY and UHH.  The latter being  represented by the MIN Faculty and the associated institutes, CUI, SFB 676 und SFB 925

After a testing phase of one year the program should merge/turn into a 2nd phase of consolidation encompassing three rounds.

You find all information on : http://mentoring.desy.de


  • DESY participates in the Helmholtz Mentoring programs for equal opportunities.


The Helmholtz Association uses innovative approaches targeted at all age groups to encourage both men and women to pursue careers in science and to help foster a positive image of women and men taking active roles in the scientific and academic community.

One of the key elements in achieving this aim is promoting women to executive-level positions

Both programs "Taking the Lead" and the "management Akademy" adress different target groups and are integral part of this strategy.

You find all information on the Helmholtz site (box aside).