Foto: Marta Mayer/DESY

DESY offers its leading scientists a Dual Career service. The accompanying partner can make use of this Service during appointment or after moving to DESY. DESY cares for its employees and would like to make sure that the partner’s career does not suffer because of the move. The Dual Career Team supports the partner in looking for suitable career opportunities in the Hamburg metropolitan area. The Dual Career Office of DESY is part of a Dual Career Network in the Hamburg area, which provides further opportunities for entering the job market.

Career Service

The Dual Career Office works with you to determine strategies to position yourself well on the regional job market. Access to job vacancies, guidance in the process of application and further actions for career development are all part of the Dual Career services.

Dual Career Network

The Dual Career Office is cross-linked with other employers in the Hamburg metropolitan area. You can profit by placing your application directly and targeted at an appropriate position.

Welcome to Hamburg

Hamburg is a very attractive city. You will be able to discover many new things while keeping your own culture. This webpage provides information on life at DESY and tips and tricks on how to settle down in Hamburg.