Frequently Asked Questions

Do I fit into the Dual Career Programme at DESY?

The employer decides whether or not he wants to backup a job offer by a Duak Career service. If the Dual Career Office is actually employed, DESY decides on which service package to offer. You will learn about your personal Dual Career options throughout the process of application or after employment.

What can I expect from the Dual Career Programme?

The Basic Service concentrates on the Dual Career Partner's integration into  the regional labour market. Access to vacancies and related links will be discussed. A strategy for the process of apllication will be developed. The Premium Service is an all-round integration service. Intense support will be given for acquiring appropriate job opportunities. The Dul Career Office also  facilitates personla contacts into the regional Dual Career Network for placing job apllications in the best possible position.

How do I contact the Dual Career Office?

The employer will contact the Dual Career Office. The Team of the Dual Career office will contact you to schedule a clearing inerview as soon as possible.

What is a Clearing Interview and what should I take there?

In the Clearing Interview the Dual Career Office informs you about what they can do for you. Furhtermore you can clarify your expectation concerning your career in Hamburg, e.g. where you want to work or whether you want to work full-time or part-time. You should prepare all relevant question and bring them with you to the Clearing Interview. If further documents are needed, the Dual Career Office will tell you before the interview. During the Clearing Interview, you will learn which further documents are needed for an appropriate application.

How can I take advantage of the Dual Career Network?

The Dual Career Network for the Hamburg region is about to be established. Big firms, research facilities and other employers are willing to interact so that Dual Career Partners can easily be put in contact with suitable firms. Every participating facility has got a contact person who can optimally place a Dual Career application in an appropriate position if it fits into the firm's profile. This promising regional network helps to find a job on the local employment market.

What does "mobility easement" mean?

Moving to DESY means a lot of work: Dealing with authorities, finding a house, managing childcare etc. The well experienced team of the International Office at DESY will guide you and provide assistance. Additionally the Premium Service of the Dual Career Office includes support in conrrespondencies, scheduling and other problematic issues that can arise due to language barriers. The relocation and settling down in Hamburg should proceed easily and comfortably for you.

Does it make sense for me to learn German?

To live and work in Germany it is indispensible to acquire a´solid basis in the German language (at least A2 level). Even if you find a job, where you can get along with English you will need German for your daily life.

How can I get in touch with my native fellows? Where can I live out my own native culture in Hamburg?

Besides the DESY services which aim at a best possible integration, it is advisable to connect with your own native fellows in Hamburg. This enables you to get information and insider hints that make life in Hamburg even more pleasant. In the category "Welcom to Hamburg" you can find information on foreign clubs and partner cities of Hamburg which give access to interesting events related to your background.