Georg Weiglein

DESY, Theory Group

Notkestr. 85, Bldg. 2a
D-22607 Hamburg

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E-mail: Georg.Weiglein(at)


Research areas

Coordination of research activities

        The Snowmass Points and Slopes (SPS): benchmarks for SUSY searches

Some other activities

Editor for European Physical Journal C (EPJC)

Member of the Particle Data Group



            FeynHiggs is a program that provides predictions for observables in the Higgs sector of the MSSM
            (masses, couplings, decay widths, branching ratios, production processes) incorporating radiative
            corrections up to the two-loop level

            HiggsBounds and HiggsSignals:

            HiggsBounds is a program that tests theoretical predictions of models with arbitrary Higgs sectors against the
            exclusion bounds obtained from the Higgs searches at LEP, the Tevatron and the LHC.
            HiggsSignals is a program that allows to test the compatibility of Higgs sector predictions against Higgs rates and
            masses measured at the LHC or the Tevatron.


             TwoCalc is a Mathematica program for the algebraic reduction of massive two-loop 2-point
             functions in gauge theories, see  Nucl. Phys. B416 (1994) 606 (hep-ph/9310358)
             for a description
             Please contact me, if you are interested in obtaining the code

             Further programs related to the ones above: FeynArts, FormCalc, LoopTools, FeynCalc


Lecture notes from summer schools, academic training lectures and open days

          Lecture given at the DESY DAY and ``Nacht des Wissens'', DESY, November 2017: ``Das Higgs-Teilchen und die Struktur des Nichts''
          Lectures given at the Bethe Forum, University of Bonn, April 2016: ``Higgs Physics''
          Lecture given at the 46. Herbstschule fuer Hochenergiephysik, Maria Laach, September 2014: ``Standard Model and Higgs Physics''
          Lecture given at the Central European School in Particle Physics, Prague, September 2007: ``Lectures on SM and SUSY Phenomenology''
          Lecture given at GK Workshop, University of Freiburg, Feldberg, October 2005: ``Renormalisation and Precision Physics''

          BUSSTEPP Summer School, London, August 2003: ``Lectures on Phenomenology''
          Problem Set 1  Problem Set 2 Problem Set 3 Problem Set 4

           Lecture given at the Linear Collider Physics School 2003, Ambleside: ``Interplay between LHC and LC''

           Lectures given at the ICTP Summer School, Trieste, June 2003, and the Graduate School in Physics at Colliders, Torino,  July 2003: ``Lectures on Supersymmetry''

           BUSSTEPP Summer School, Glasgow, August 2002: ``Lectures on Phenomenology''
           Lecture 1  Lecture 2 Lecture 3 Lecture 4
           Problem Set 1  Problem Set 2 Problem Set 3 Problem Set 4

           DESY Academic Training Lectures, May 2002: ``Electroweak Physics: Preparing for TESLA''
           Lecture 1  Lecture 2  Lecture 3