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rational.h File Reference

Data Structures

struct  Rational


typedef struct _rationalmatrix RationalMatrix


Rational rtnl_zero (void)
Rational rtnl (signed long long int num, signed long long int den)
double rtnl_as_double (Rational r)
Rational rtnl_mul (Rational a, Rational b)
Rational rtnl_div (Rational a, Rational b)
Rational rtnl_add (Rational a, Rational b)
Rational rtnl_sub (Rational a, Rational b)
signed int rtnl_cmp (Rational a, Rational b)
Rational rtnl_abs (Rational a)
char * rtnl_format (Rational rt)
Rationalrtnl_list (signed int num_min, signed int num_max, signed int den_min, signed int den_max, int *pn)
RationalMatrixrtnl_mtx_new (unsigned int rows, unsigned int cols)
RationalMatrixrtnl_mtx_copy (const RationalMatrix *m)
Rational rtnl_mtx_get (const RationalMatrix *m, int i, int j)
void rtnl_mtx_set (const RationalMatrix *m, int i, int j, Rational v)
RationalMatrixrtnl_mtx_from_intmat (const IntegerMatrix *m)
RationalMatrixrtnl_mtx_identity (int rows)
IntegerMatrixintmat_from_rtnl_mtx (const RationalMatrix *m)
void rtnl_mtx_free (RationalMatrix *mtx)
RationalMatrixrtnlmtx_times_rtnlmtx (const RationalMatrix *A, const RationalMatrix *B)
RationalMatrixrtnlmtx_times_intmat (const RationalMatrix *A, const IntegerMatrix *B)
RationalMatrixintmat_times_rtnlmtx (const IntegerMatrix *a, const RationalMatrix *b)
int transform_fractional_coords_rtnl (const RationalMatrix *P, const Rational *ivec, Rational *ans)
void transform_fractional_coords_rtnl_inverse (const RationalMatrix *P, const Rational *vec, Rational *ans)
void rtnl_mtx_print (const RationalMatrix *m)
Rational rtnl_mtx_det (const RationalMatrix *m)
int rtnl_mtx_is_identity (const RationalMatrix *m)
int rtnl_mtx_is_perm (const RationalMatrix *m)

Detailed Description

Rational numbers (including rational matrices)

Typedef Documentation

◆ RationalMatrix

typedef struct _rationalmatrix RationalMatrix

The RationalMatrix is an opaque data structure representing a matrix of rational numbers.

Function Documentation

◆ rtnl_format()

char* rtnl_format ( Rational  rt)
rtA Rational

Formats rt as a string

A string which should be freed by the caller

◆ rtnl_mtx_new()

RationalMatrix* rtnl_mtx_new ( unsigned int  rows,
unsigned int  cols 
rowsNumber of rows that the new matrix is to have
colsNumber of columns that the new matrix is to have

Allocates a new RationalMatrix with all elements set to zero.

A new RationalMatrix, or NULL on error.

◆ rtnl_mtx_print()

void rtnl_mtx_print ( const RationalMatrix m)
mA RationalMatrix

Prints m to stderr.