libcrystfel  0.10.1
peakfinder8.h File Reference


int peakfinder8 (struct image *img, int max_n_peaks, float threshold, float min_snr, int mix_pix_count, int max_pix_count, int local_bg_radius, int min_res, int max_res, int use_saturated)

Detailed Description

The "peakfinder8" peak search algorithm, originally implemented in Cheetah

Function Documentation

◆ peakfinder8()

int peakfinder8 ( struct image img,
int  max_n_peaks,
float  threshold,
float  min_snr,
int  min_pix_count,
int  max_pix_count,
int  local_bg_radius,
int  min_res,
int  max_res,
int  use_saturated 
imgAn image structure
max_n_peaksThe maximum number of peaks to be searched for
thresholdThe image threshold value, in detector units
min_snrThe minimum signal to noise ratio for a peak
min_pix_countThe minimum number of pixels in a peak
max_pix_countThe maximum number of pixels in a peak
local_bg_radiusThe averaging radius for background calculation
min_resThe minimum number of pixels out from the center
max_resThe maximum number of pixels out from the center
use_saturatedWhether saturated peaks should be considered

Runs the peakfinder8 peak search algorithm