libcrystfel  0.10.1
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datatemplate.h File Reference

Data Structures

struct  rigid_group
struct  rg_collection


typedef struct _datatemplate DataTemplate


DataTemplatedata_template_new_from_file (const char *filename)
DataTemplatedata_template_new_from_string (const char *string_in)
void data_template_free (DataTemplate *dt)
const char * data_template_panel_number_to_name (const DataTemplate *dt, int pn)
int data_template_panel_name_to_number (const DataTemplate *dt, const char *panel_name, int *pn)
int data_template_file_to_panel_coords (const DataTemplate *dt, float *pfs, float *pss, int *pn)
int data_template_panel_to_file_coords (const DataTemplate *dt, int pn, float *pfs, float *pss)
void data_template_add_copy_header (DataTemplate *dt, const char *header)
int data_template_get_slab_extents (const DataTemplate *dt, int *pw, int *ph)
struct rg_collectiondata_template_get_rigid_groups (const DataTemplate *dtempl, const char *collection_name)
double data_template_get_wavelength_if_possible (const DataTemplate *dt)

Detailed Description

Template for loading data.

Typedef Documentation

◆ DataTemplate

typedef struct _datatemplate DataTemplate

This data structure is opaque. You must use the available accessor functions to read and write its contents.

Function Documentation

◆ data_template_get_wavelength_if_possible()

double data_template_get_wavelength_if_possible ( const DataTemplate dt)

Get the wavelength from a DataTemplate, if possible.

WARNING: This is probably not the routine you are looking for! See the disclaimer for image_create_for_simulation(), which applies equally to this routine.

the wavelength, in metres, or NAN if impossible.