QCD Vacuum Structure and High-Energy Scattering    

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  1. F. Schrempp,
    Tracking QCD-Instantons.
    Presented at the Ringberg Workshop on New Trends in HERA Physics 2001, Ringberg Castle, Tegernsee, Germany, 17-22 June 2001,
    DESY-01-125; hep-ph/0109032, J. Phys. G 28 (2002) 915.

  2. F. Schrempp and A. Utermann,
    Instantons and Saturation in the Color-Dipole Picture.
    DESY-02-093; hep-ph/0207052, to be published in Proc. 10th Int. Workshop on Deep Inelastic Scattering (DIS2002), Cracow, Poland, 2002.
  3. F. Schrempp and A. Utermann,
    QCD Instantons and High-Energy Diffractive Scattering
    DESY-02-094; hep-ph/0207300,
    Phys. Lett. B543 (2002) 197.

  4. F. Schrempp and A. Utermann,
    QCD-Instantons and Saturation at Small x
    DESY-02-220; hep-ph/0301177,
    Proc. Strong and Electroweak Matter 2002, Heidelberg, Oct. 2002, ed. M.G. Schmidt, p. 477.

  5. F. Schrempp and A. Utermann,
    Instanton-Driven Saturation at Small x
    DESY-03-217; hep-ph/0401137,
    to be published in Proc. Ringberg Workshop, Recent Trends in HERA Physics, 2003, Ringberg Castle, Oct. 2003.

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