Implications of Attractive Fixed Manifolds of the
Renormalization Group Equations

The renormalization group (RG) flow of ratios of Yukawa and Higgs couplings  [or also of ratios of parton densities]  is often strongly attracted towards  certain fixed points, fixed lines, fixed surfaces in the space of dependent variables. Unlike generic solutions, these fixed manifolds represent solutions of the RG-equations, which are independent of initial values. For example, in a typical RG evolution of ratios of Yukawa and Higgs couplings from a high ultra-violet  (UV) momentum scale down to the presently accessible infra-red (IR) region, this implies a certain decoupling of the UV physics from IR physics along with  model independent strong constraints among quark and Higgs masses. This general mechanism may be explored in the Standard Model as well as in popular extensions thereof, like minimal or next-to-minimal Supersymmetry...


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