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08. - 25.April 2008
FERMILAB CALICE installation
Trace the work to see how the detector gets alive and find here the links of the different days of CALICE installation at FNAL.

09. Apr : the first container arrived after a long jurney from DESY, Hamburg. The contents was unpacked and spaced into it's areas. The help of the FNAL crew was really great. They offered us additional personal workers to help us unpacking the container and boxes.

10. Apr : the second container with the movable stage arrived healthy. We began to establish all computes in the control room including doing all the registration of MAC addresses. The experience of the CERN time became very helpful to organize the location and cabeling of computer structure.

11. Apr : today was filled up mostly with computing, registration of computers, fighting with the time by time working WLAN and the starting weekend -> as a result with the disapearing IT people.

12. Apr : we are really fighting with the FNAL computing security. Kerberos is the buzzword - up to now we are not able simly to login to a kerberos machine. A lot of things have to be done to make a user be able to login to a FNAL machine. Some solutions are working - until we switched off and on again the computers ...
CALICE-SERV has been blocked Friday night totally by FNAL because of a running sshd (which must be off at FNAL and has been switched off - butobviously too late), although it was told that we will work over the weekend and do our best to configure all machines for FNAL ... and Monday is far away ...

13. Apr : testing, Kerberos, thinking, Kerberos, programming, Kerberos, testing

14. Apr : finally Manday. The life at FNAL starts again (puh). All user offices are open and they are able to give us most of the informations we need. Installing of the original FNAL Linux is working, but only with a special CD with the newest software - anyway, it works. Kerberos principials and ssl keys will provided today and/or tomorrow. The Movable Stage installation team has been arrived and is ready for work. The 3rd container is still in Montreal ...
17:00h GREAT SUCCESS !!! The first kerborized computer is on-line. From now on it's possible for registered users to login to kerberized machines. Also our local CALICE network starts to work.

15. Apr : Hardware: the Movable Stage has been unpacked out of the container and brought in a very good condition into the Testbeam. Software: Kerberosizing is going on, more and more computers are connected to our internal network. A good day !

16. Apr : Hardware: the Movable Stage has been equipped with the "filling parts". Software: Kerberizing is much harder than expected, still 2 left computers where it will not work. One portal computer is able to receive requests. A lot of newer seen work has been don on all other computers.

17. Apr : Hardware: fine tuning, the last container shall arrive (again) tomorrow at 8:00 h (we will see), a first personal safety check of our area by Fermilabpeople has been made. Software: as before
Professional pictures made by the Fermilab PR.

18. Apr : Hardware: thether tird container arrived (finally). Everything seems to be OK. Installation of the modules, the electrical test will follow the next days. Software:as before

19. Apr : Hardware: Calibrating of the movable stage, installing of veto counters, check off all axis. All corrected data of the 4 axis are now in the slow control. Software: as before

21. Apr : Hardware: Calibrating of the movable stage, ECAL slabs installation. Software: as before, more and more systems start running.

22. Apr : Hardware: connecting ECAL cables, failure search in the communication lines and fixing problems, Software: as before




Packing Pictures : to remember how to pack and bring back all equipment to Europe.