Extended Joint ECFA/DESY Study on
Physics and Detectors for a Linear Electron-Positron Collider

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Official and Press Statements on Linear Collider Policy

2001, July 24
Snowmass 2001 physics groups' recommendation
2001, Sep 21
Report of the ECFA working group on the future of accelerator-based particle physics in Europe (pdf 188 kBytes)
2002, Jan 28
DOE/NSF high energy physics advisory panel on long range planning for U.S. high energy physics
Final Report: "The Science ahead: The way to discovery" (pdf 0.9 MBytes, 110 pages)
2002, July 15
"German Science Council releases a statement on nine large-scale facilities for basic scientific research"
Press Release 20/2002 of the German Science Council: Deutsch English; the official text pdf file english pdf-Datei Deutsch
Der Wissenschaftsrat
2002, Nov 18
"Wissenschaftsrat verabschiedet Empfehlungen zu neun Großgeräten der naturwissenschaftlichen Grundlagenforschung"
Press Release 24/2002 of the German Science Council (in german only) Deutsch; the official text (in german only) pdf file
Press Release DESY PRESS INFORMATION, Hamburg, November 18, 2002:
2003, Feb 5
"Bulmahn gives green light for large-scale research equipment"
Press Release 05.02.2003 of the Bundsministerium für Bildung und Forschung on large-scale research equipment Deutsch English
Statement of DESY Deutsch English
You may also try to have a look to the colloquium of the DESY directorate informing DESY about the decision of the BMBF on the TESLA projects.
Statement of the German Science Council (Pressemitteilung 05/2003 - in german only) Deutsch

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