Extended Joint ECFA/DESY Study on
Physics and Detectors for a Linear Electron-Positron Collider

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13 December 2001 at DESY Zeuthen
gamma gamma mini workshop

    Start:  13 Dec 2001 9:00 h
    End:   13 Dec late afternoon
    Place:  DESY Zeuthen Seminar room 1

To discuss technical related questions of a gamma gamma collider option for TESLA.

Plenary discussions


Preliminary agenda:

1) The Laser:

V. Telnov:   Requirements on the laser (laser power, spot size etc.)

K. Moenig:   Requirements from physics and detector

N. Walker:   Requirements from the machine

I. Will:         The MBI laser concept

N.N:           The Livermore laser concept

all:         discussion

2) Other items:

G. Franzoni: IP simulation with CAIN

J. Boehme:   Simulation of the gg detector

N.N:             design of the beam delivery system at Livermore


There is time for some additional items. If you like to present something, please let me know.
For those who are interested there is the possibility to visit the Max Born institute on Friday morning. Details can be discussed on Thursday.
Contact: Klaus Moening

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