Extended Joint ECFA/DESY Study on
Physics and Detectors for a Linear Electron-Positron Collider

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17 December 2001 at CERN
gamma gamma physics meeting

    Start:  17 Dec 2001 9:00 h
    End:   17 Dec late afternoon
    Place:  CERN Room 40-S2-A01

To discuss physics issues of a gamma gamma collider option.

Plenary discussions


Agenda  (the times include discussion time!)

Room 40-S2-A01

9:00- 11:00

- Cliche study     D. Schulte/Jeff Gronberg '30

- Linx project       M. Velasco             '30

- Lumi Spectra       V. Telnov              '20

- Generators         T. Ohl/M. Velaso       '40


- QCD I              L. Motyka              '30

- QCD II             N. Timneanu            '30

- Higss (SM and SMMS) D. Asner              '40


- Higgs-> gg and WW   M. Velaso             '20

- Higgs mass and width determination   M. Schmidt   '20

- SUSY  (TBC)         M. Klasen/S. Berge    '20

- Higgs Heavy         E. Asakawa            '30
  (Title to be given)

- Higgs Heavy         M. Muhlleitner        '30


- Higgs simulations    P. Niezurawski       '30
  (title to be given)

- Various potentials of 2HDM and the potential of Photon Collider
  to resolve them     M. Krawzyk or P. Osland   '30

- TGCs in gammagamma-> WW   I. Bozovic       '20

- review of the Zeuthen meeting  K. Moenig       '20

- Discussion (background, vertexing, IP...)  '60


Note that these times given INCLUDE discussion so leave 5-10' for that please.
For the very first talk I see a part by Daniel on the machine and a part on the laser region by Jeff or David or an other US colleague which they may wish to suggest.
For the generators I would have Thorsten following up on Valery, and Mayda or another US collegue telling us on how they have the generators for gg organized int he US working group.
The next day at 11:00 there is a Machine group seminar on the NLC gamma-gamma option by J. Gronberg, in the SPS Auditorium. If getting too late and relevant people would be still available we could move the las hour discussion to 9:00-10:00 that morning.
Contact: Alber de Roeck

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